Batik Longsleeve-Top Bamboo

Batik Longsleeve-Top Bamboo
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Batik Longsleeve-Top Bamboo

Short Longsleeve-Top - the ideal combination to the sleeveless top: Do you often decide whether the short-sleeved or long-sleeved shirt is the right one for your Yogastunde? We have the best solution for your asanas: until you are really warm, the longsleeve top is a perfect addition to the sleeveless top and looks beautiful together.
In the exercise-intensive, warm 'power yoga it can be quickly pulled out and surrounded around the hip, without it hindering. In the next 'cool' relaxation yoga, it is simply pulled back over the sleeveless top for cuddly warmth and security. The longsleeve has a wide comfortable neckline, with which the bearers of the sleeveless tops underneath it come into their own. Waist length 40 cm at Gr. M.

Material: 70% viscose (made from bamboo pulp), 25% cotton, 5% elastane

Color variations: turquoise batik and sunbathing batik

Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL

Please specify color and size under comments, thank you!

CHF - 63.00

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