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Protein plus
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Protein plus

A new direction for the mobilization of the joints and many other things!

Improves the health of joints quickly and clearly
Unique mechanism stops the inflammation processes
Effective in 9 out of 10 users
Significant improvement within 3-10 days
Clinical studies prove the efficacy and safety
Regulates blood pressure and cholesterol levels (UNI Lausanne Study 1994)
Strengthens the immune system by antibodies
Increases physical performance
Great for athletes, faster recovery, less muscle pain
Inflammation between the joint capsule and articular cartilage provide 90% of people with joint problems of pain and reduced mobility. PROTEIN PLUS prevents these inflammatory processes very quickly and effectively in 90% of cases, most noticeably so after a few days, a significant improvement in mobility and pain reduction. PROTEIN PLUS consists of micro-nutrients that are naturally found in cow's milk. Scientists have discovered that unfold a fraction of a low molecular weight of the milk unique skills in the human immune system. Through a patented process, these unique bioactive micronutrients are super concentrated to provide the antibodies to develop their full effect and this can be taken on the normal diet. PROTEIN PLUS is made from organically produced milk. The cows live in free-range. The active ingredients are concentrated milk proteins which are naturally found in milk.

Numerous studies have demonstrated over the past 30 years, the efficacy and safety of the product. For example, in a study published in 2002 (osteoarthritis) found a 60% increased activity against glucosamine sulfate.

From 1960 to 1996, a large-scale study of over 8,000 participants was conducted that documented the efficacy and safety. As it appears from the data 73.5% of the participants taking the product have benefited.

During the first 7-10 days, you take a daily 8 Tab. Afterwards the intake ranges from 2 x 2 tables in the morning and evening. The product contains 5% lactose! If you have an allergy to milk proteins, you may not use this product!

120 tablets of 1000 mg of CHF 80 -

EUR 66.34

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