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Free Health Advice
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Free health advice at a very high success rate, we are happy to advise you without obligation.

kostenlose Gesundheitsberatung mit sehr hoher Erfolgsrate, gerne beraten wir Sie unverbindlich

As a guiding principle of any treatment suggestions, including free-will, decisions can be made without any pressure, then a solution can be found.

This provides the basis in life for long-term treatment success and real happiness in life.

Many necessary changes in life must be made voluntarily and consistent to accomplish a healthy mind, body and spirit.

During your free health consultation we will look closely at possible causes and origins of illness such as:

  • External influences - an accident, environmental pollutants, noise, or too little light.
  • Lack of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, salt and water can cause diseases.
  • Inbalance and a hectic lifestyle such as stress, burn-out, too little sleep or too much sleep. Too much movement, but also too little exercise. Eating too much or too little.
  • Spiritual root causes of many diseases, especially many so-called incurable diseases.

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