Hyaluronic acid capsules - 180 pcs + Free Beauty Skin Serum

Hyaluronic acid capsules - 180 pcs + Free Beauty Skin Serum
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A perfect combination for a more youthful appearance. With our limited edition set, you can quickly get back your youthful skin back visually! The set consists of 180 hyaluronic acid capsules (enough for three good months) - and FREE to 2 x 10 ml of highly effective beauty skin serum, liquid hyaluronic acid in a handy stick to spray for quick effect!

Do you remember how it looked like your skin when you were 20 years old? Determined for each person in this age: impact and rosy. She had a strong resistance and was able to store enough moisture optimally. The reason is that nature has devised a really clever system to tighten the skin and act contrary to the natural evaporation. With collagen and hyaluronic acid - both of which are produced by the body - the skin is preserved in a natural way, in front of the crease and Trockentod look. The crux of the whole thing: As of 25 Age decreases the body's own collagen and hyaluronic acid production. Shall equal the age of 40 years, the body's own hyaluronic acid production, for example, only about 40% and with 60 years only about 10%. The result: The interaction of collagen and hyaluronic acid does not work smoothly - the result, without a skin tone and is full of wrinkles.

But do not worry: With our highly effective hyaluronic acid capsules, you can bring back your youthful skin back optically. The Word of hyaluronic acid has its origin in the way Greek and means something like "glass". The acid is transparent in the entire body of the person present, eg in mind in the cartilage and joints - but particularly in the skin. About 50% of the body's own hyaluronic acid is found in the skin. It is produced by stromal cells in the subcutaneous tissue. Hyaluronic acid is the main component of the skin cells lying between the filling material (connective tissue matrix) and is based, inter alia, the collagen fibers. It also provides the collagen, which is responsible for the elasticity of the skin, essential nutrients, it keeps them moist and elastic. The fascinating thing about the hyaluronic acid is that it in volume, due to the enormous storage capacity of moisture like a sponge can increase many times over and thus plumping the skin from the inside out. To illustrate: A gram of hyaluronic acid has the unique ability to save the 6000-times its own weight in moisture - that's six liters of fluid! This is the reason why the hyaluronic acid in cosmetics and medicine is so interesting. The use of hyaluronic acid in your skin that is given new freshness and she looks younger. No matter what age!

Hyaluronic acid is also one of the factors that is crucial for a youthful-looking skin. Dermatological studies have proven that hyaluronic acid promotes in particular the apparent softening of face, mouth and nose wrinkles. Thus, it is not surprising that hyaluronic acid is the most popular weapon against aging today, the no scalpel is used. Originally, the acid used in medicine for example To treat wounds and scars. Namely hyaluronic acid stimulates the growth of new cells also, thus favoring the migration of new skin cells and growth factors into injured areas. This allows to obtain quick results, even at low and poorly healing wounds.

Studies have also shown that hyaluronic acid is a recreation of the superficial layers of cartilage in the joints and can promote densification of the cartilage cells. It has also been demonstrated that hyaluronic acid to stimulate the development of cartilage intermediate substances can. Hyaluronic acid is also the main constituent of synovial fluid and acts as a lubricant in all joint movements.

Meanwhile, the world put down hyaluronic acid but also a remarkable career and beauty is found in many moisturizers and anti-aging products. Today it is one of the most widely used drugs for aging skin. Applied, they can compensate for minor wrinkles. However, the smoothing effect is not sustainable since the hyaluronic acid in creams can - such as collagen in creams - because of their high molecular mass does not penetrate deeply into the skin.

That's why we offer you the fountain of youth in hyaluronic acid capsules. Because of the metabolism reaches the hyaluronic acid directly into the subcutaneous tissue - this is the place where it is also produced in a natural way. Here sits the collagen network in every person with hyaluronic acid. This supports the collagen network and supplies it with moisture, thus supporting the elasticity of the collagen fibers. Speaking of moisture: The most exciting thing of hyaluronic acid can bind to the already previously mentioned ability extraordinarily large amounts of moisture. Imagine that, please try to picture before. With a single capsule hyaluronic acid molecules get billions in connective tissue. These are now beginning to bind an enormous amount of moisture. Billions of hyaluronic acid molecules, therefore suck like little "sponges" with its weight 6000 times full of moisture. All these "sponges" are now bigger and bigger and so on from the inside cushion your skin. Folds and wrinkles are significantly reduced. A refreshing effect of the skin appears almost immediately after taking the first capsules.

But it is important to make sure where is the hyaluronic acid. Usually this is namely made from rooster combs or bovine eyes. Natura Vitalis ®, hyaluronic acid is produced by fermentation of plant materials (not from rooster combs or bovine eyes). In this production method is not only guarantees that the product contains no animal ingredients, but that the hyaluronic acid molecules can be well absorbed by the body. The results of a clinical study (from 2004) has shown that hyaluronic acid is absorbed after a single oral administration and is headed to organs like the skin, and joints.

Our hyaluronic acid capsules contain additional valuable pomegranate fruit. Pomegranate contains one of the most effective natural anti-oxidants, which has been scientifically discovered in recent years. Therefore be responsible for skin aging aggressive environmental toxins bound and thus counteract premature skin aging. Furthermore, pomegranate supports the regeneration of the skin. You see the result after a few weeks: The skin texture is finer and the visible top layer of skin look very fresh.

Look forward to achieve with our products hyaluronic acid capsules very quick results. Our suggestion: Combine this product with our popular essential collagen lift drink. Both products are an unbeatable team get together to the future of compliments about your attractive, youthful appearance.

1 capsule contains 50 mg of hyaluronic acid. Other Ingredients: Pomegranate flour.

Directions: Please consume daily in the morning and evening 1 capsule with liquid.

Diabetic information:

2 capsules (= recommended daily intake) containing 0.01 units of bread.

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