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For this, mix the chyme with gastric and intestinal digestive juices and knead it thoroughly. Enzyme cocktails break down proteins, fats and carbohydrates into small blocks. Intestinal wall cells absorb the nutrients and then pass them on to blood and lymph. These then transport the vital nutrients to our 70 trillion body cells. This ensures the survival of the intestine of the whole body. In the end, he leaves only indigestible components and cell debris.

Silent, for completely unnoticed by others, but do regularly - that is to work your digestive system. But often the opposite is the case: Excessive intestinal gas development with noise and odors - just called flatulence - or even a full feeling everyone gets from time to time. Unlike many other natural stresses of everyday life such gut reactions are indeed rare topic of everyday small talk. But - who often experienced such a feeling of discomfort of the intestine, which is anything but "good mood". On the contrary, his quality of life is severely restricted. But must be no cause for despair. Because there are simple preventative measures and effective assistance.

Such assistance is surely our new, totally innovative product DarmAsan. In several ways to support the natural substances contained in DarmAsan the natural digestive processes. With a sophisticated formulation, the latest findings and millennia-old wisdom combines wonderfully. This is the reason why this fantastic product is able to perform almost miraculous. Look for yourself the different effects seen in detail as follows:

1) Support the active pre-digestion

As we know, the food is first pre-digested in the mouth. Begin by chewing and mixing with saliva, its enzymes to digest the carbohydrates. What few know, but rather: Even in the gastric predigestion takes place even further. The main digestion is practiced only in the intestinal area.

The enzymes bromelain (from pineapple) and papain (from papaya fruit), in our product DarmAsan, also support this natural pre-digestion in the stomach. More specifically, you will support the pre-digestion of proteins (protein) in the stomach. You have to understand that protein is pre-digested in the stomach and the body's own enzyme pepsin, only to be further digested in the small intestine by enzymes from the pancreas (proteases).

But the problem today is that we eat too much protein - through meat, meat and dairy products. Our body has to digest therefore it is rather problematic amounts of protein and then stores the surplus in the connective tissue. The enzymes bromelain and papain, in DarmAsan, here also support the body's own pre-digestion of protein, so that this vital substance also enters the human cells - and not as a dumping ground tissue. Protein is in fact an important foundation for all body cells.

It is interesting, incidentally, that bromelain may happen as the complete enzyme eiweißverdauendes digestive tract without being digested even there. Thus, this enzyme predigestion to accompany and support the whole time and wonderful.

Also supports the DarmAsan Fettvorverdauung in the stomach - with the help of lipases. These are versatile enzymes that specifically inter alia focused on the digestion of fats. They split the fats so that they can then be broken down later in the small intestine into minute particles and thus can be held better recovery.

Lipases by the body itself - especially in the pancreas and small intestine - is formed. But as for the protein we have here today the problem of increased fat intake. Think about times when these days are included in the food everywhere hidden fats. All varieties of cheese, for example, contain hidden fats. Similarly, all dairy products, fried and breaded, sausage and meat products, bakery products, snacks such as chips, nuts, crackers, olives, etc., many sauces and ready meals and ... and ... and ...

That's why we've included all these lipases also DarmAsan capsule - to ensure the greatest possible utilization of ingested fats for metabolism. In addition, this thorough predigestion later ensures a lower burden of gastro-intestinal tract. And who does not know this: Even after a heavy, fatty meal, the fullness of the body? Not exactly pleasant - or?

2) support of the major active digestive

The actual main digestion of all food and drink is - as already mentioned - rather than in the gut and not, as often assumed in the stomach. DarmAsan support this most important key digestive organs: liver, gallbladder and pancreas, which in turn work closely together with the intestinal tract. Thus, for example, the DarmAsan ingredient artichoke very effectively support the liver and bile.

For this purpose one must know that the liver produces up to one liter daily bile. This, in turn, concentrated in the gall bladder and focuses on the 10-fold. When we eat something that pulls the gallbladder together and makes this juice to the duodenum and assists in fat digestion. The fat is broken down into tiny droplets, which subsequently can process the digestive juices of the pancreas, the fat molecules further.

By 1933 scientific studies have shown that artichoke can help the liver to produce bile wonderful. And this is just for a good fat digestion absolutely essential.

The plant also contained in DarmAsan galangal, the pancreas - support - as the principal organ of digestion. This also produces inter alia important digestive secretions of the intestine. Ginger in the recipe DarmAsan, additional support once all three major digestive organs. Thus, the intestinal valuable received support in their daily hard work.

3) prevention of flatulence

By supporting the active pre-digestion and the major active digestive DarmAsan is already making a valuable contribution to reducing the natural way certain intestinal bacteria that produce excess gases in the digestive tract and thus may lead to bloating.

Similarly, bloating can also be caused by certain carbohydrate complexes, which are digested in the stomach and small intestine is incomplete. For example, by eating broccoli, beans, cauliflower, onions, etc.

These carbohydrate complexes are then degraded in the colon of benign bacteria. This produces gases such as carbon dioxide, hydrogen and methane. And these gases provide the uncomfortable bloating, which can sometimes be very unpleasant. DarmAsan waiting here on par with an army of natural substances that can be wonderfully effective against flatulence: artichoke, ginger, cumin, fennel and anise that is able to counteract the formation of gas in the intestines and thus the bloating.

4) prevention of bloating and odor

The brown alga Ascophyllum nodosum contained in DarmAsan has the wonderful property of the digestive process in the correct balance of support and thus include counteract a feeling of fullness in the bowel can. Also they can - almost magically way - to reduce the unpleasant odor of feces and formation leaving the escape of intestinal gases.

Also contains DarmAsan the extract from black pepper called piperine and capsaicin - the substance in red pepper. Both substances said to be one to just to exciting effects with respect to the natural support of healthy digestion.

Even after almost Copperfield-style with the brown algae Ascophyllum nodosum provides for a reduction in odor leaving the faeces or the escape of intestinal gases. Responsible for the unpleasant smell are sulfur-containing compounds and it is this encapsulates Ascophyllum nodosum, a downright, reducing the odor. One can imagine that it would close as fish, for example, in a vessel and whoosh is no longer the odor present.

5) General support for absorption of nutrients

The last point of the different effects of the natural substances contained in DarmAsan is the general support of the absorption of nutrients through the gut. An important point for the entire human organism, because ultimately the goal is indeed of the entire digestive process: The maximum yield of nutrients for the survival of the body!

For this purpose, the nutrients from the foods we consume, delivered through the intestinal wall into the blood, which in turn supplies the cells with the nutrients. Piperine, an extract from black pepper and capsaicin, the substance in the red pepper, said to be that they include increase the usability (bioavailability) of nutrients in our food can, in order to achieve a maximum yield of essential nutrients.

As you can see is DarmAsan really help an incredible product, its ingredients and their different effects can support the entire digestive process positive - for much better quality of life!

The recommended daily intake recommendation (2 capsules) contains: 140 mg of artichoke Nodosum, 130 mg of galangal, 120 mg of ginger powder, aniseed powder 100 mg, 100 mg fennel powder, cumin powder, 100 mg and 90 mg of Ascophyllum. Additionally, the formulation of bromelain, papain, chili powder, black pepper extract and lipase.

To round off, we also recommend in addition to our product DarmAsan our popular product Lacto-Flora, which takes care of sending you affectionately about the need for a functioning gut flora friendly intestinal bacteria.

Directions: Please eat two main meals each day to 1 capsule with sufficient liquid

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