Venovit premium - 500 Capsules

Venovit premium - 500 Capsules
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Venovit premium - 500 Capsules
Reliably and without that we need to think big, our legs will carry us through life . Here our joint apparatus and the muscles make real hard work. But our leg veins are exposed at this power permanent endurance . So it is not surprising that one in two women and one in six men , from 30 Age , complains of his veins. Unwanted congestion in the veins provide heavy , swollen and sometimes even painful legs. These symptoms and spider veins there are the rather innocuous variant, which can significantly tarnish the quality of life already .

Before we go into detail the various natural challenges with the veins that ultimately none of us spare , let us first of all look at what detail the veins actually do exactly ?

As we all know , are the blood vessels of the human a closed system dar. The heart is the engine and pumps the blood , which was enriched in the lung with oxygen in the arteries. From there it goes to all organs and supplies the respective body cells with nutrients and oxygen. The oxygen is depleted by the cells , the blood must be transferred back to the heart and the lungs, in order to be enriched with oxygen again . And now come the veins on the plan. Whose task is to collect namely the oxygen-poor blood and laden with Stoffwechsel-/Abbauprodukten and transported back to the heart against gravity . Mind you - against gravity ! This is an extremely difficult job . So that the blood in pumping not return bags include the veins with venous valves . So the veins can the "used " pump blood back to the heart.

The problem here , however : the vein walls consist mainly of different elastic connective tissue and are thus relatively soft. These factors are responsible for that much lighter vein walls bulge stronger than the walls of arteries. Now work for example, by aging the venous valves no longer functions properly , blood can flow back partially . Here the blood accumulates , the thin walls of the veins in which they give to dilate and thus caused spider veins appearing disagreeable or even varicose veins. From the congested blood in the veins of water is released into the interstitial tissue often - are the result of swollen legs or feet.

The formation of spider veins and varicose veins is still one of the mysteries of medicine today. The simple answer is often : spider veins and varicose veins are aging. This is true but obviously only for the people , because varicose veins are not in animals as well as before . This also applies to indigenous peoples . Therefore, it is permissible to say that spider veins and varicose veins represent a civilization problem and are typical especially for the western world . In Asia, outside of the big cities , for example, they are remarkably rare. Since it is very close to that we observe once what the primitive people do but we will .

Well, first it should be emphasized here that we operate partially physically too little and too much or too long we go into one-sided postures such as sitting too long or standing too long . It is therefore important to keep the body in motion as much as possible , so as to ensure the veins to be fully operational . Exercise and sport is the alpha and omega for healthy veins - this also applies to people who already suffer from venous insufficiency . Suitable sports , for example swimming, biking , running or hiking. To be able to support the veins and train , prevent discomfort and already decongest swollen legs and prevent blood clots and special gymnastic exercises . According to experts, 30 minutes leg exercises a day are already optimal . Also tight clothing that can unnecessarily narrow the veins should be avoided.

In addition to a balanced exercise but we can positively affect the health and function of our veins also by diet. A number of scientific studies have confirmed how important are certain natural substances as they are consumed by indigenous people for centuries for the function of the veins.

Our classic " Venovit premium " We have therefore created an almost unique and very popular product that contributes to a normal function of blood vessels.

Besides vitamin C , magnesium and other essential vitamins and trace elements we have in the product " Venovit premium " also include can integrate the three most exciting content substances to which we are really proud and appreciated and praised by our customers in the highest, namely :

- Buckwheat ( Fagopyrum esculentum - Plant of the Year 1999) ,
- Butcher's broom ( Ruscus aculeatus - Plant of the Year 2002) and
- Horse chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum - Plant of the Year 2008).

About the almost incredible effects that each one these three natural substances nachsagt has been written and published in recent years so much so that we hope you understand , this can not be repeated in detail herein . But if you really get a little closer with these Planzen will understand why we are so proud to have these substances incorporated into our product. Not without reason, these natural substances have therefore been elected by various institutions to " Plant of the Year " .

Also included in " Venovit premium " is the highly effective grapevine leaves ( Vitis vinifera purpurea) , which are harvested directly after the harvest - because then their content of active ingredients is highest.

More Vitalsoffe in " Venovit premium " include Chokeberry and elderberry, Asian pennywort and beetroot . Rounding out the Venovit recipe with the scientifically optimized Natura Vitalis active complex.

A strong product for strong veins.

2 capsules contain : Vitamin C - 120 mg = 150 * Magnesium - 120 mg = 32 *, vitamin E - 12 mg = 100 * , Zinc - 15 mg = 150 * , pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) - 12.0 mg = 200 * , vitamin B1 - 2,2 mg = 200 * , Vitamin B2 - 2,4 mg = 170 * vitamin B6 - 2.8 mg = 200 * , vitamin B12 - 6 micrograms = 240 * , horse chestnut powder - 100 mg, vine leaf powder - 100 mg Butcher's Broom powder - 10 mg, buckwheat herb - 70 mg , Citrus bioflavonoids - 40 mg, aronia berry - 20 mg, elderberry - 20 mg .

* = % Of the recommended daily dose of nutrition labeling regulation

Directions: Please consume daily 1 capsule each morning and evening with plenty of liquid .

Diabetic Information: 2 capsules contain 0.02 bread units (BU )

Note: Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

500 g.

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