Aqua 60 - for water retention in the legs, 2 Month Supply

Aqua 60 - for water retention in the legs, 2 Month Supply
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Aqua 60 - for water retention in the legs, 2 Month Supply

Aqua 60 - gegen Wasseransammlungen in den Beinen, 2 Monatspackung

 Water is without question one of the most important materials for all living things. Without water, no life is possible. That alone demonstrates the fact that the adult human body consists of more than 65 percent water. The liquid is not only an important vehicle for vitamins, minerals and other essential items, but also plays a vital role in purifying organs.
But as with all other components of the human body, is also in terms of water content, a perfect balance of vital importance. Because a too high moisture content in the organism carries a lot of health risks. And often accumulates in many people too much water in the body. This affects mostly women.

This is called water retention - medically known as edema. The word comes from the Greek and edema means "swelling". And that's what happens with the extra water retention in body tissues: it swells. Thus, swollen by edema, legs, ankles, abdomen, waist, buttocks, hands, fingers, upper arms, face and eyelids. This does not just flabby and unattractive, but also burdened the circuit, drives the blood pressure up and permanently damage your health.

It can be really dangerous if there is water in the ear, lungs, heart and / or intercalated in the joints. May arise in the ear, for example, a negative pressure, the pumping ability of the heart are disrupted or no longer absorb the lungs enough air. As varied as the negative health effects of edema are - so diverse are also the reasons for the excess water retention. Hormonal imbalances, excessive heat, lack of exercise, certain medications (hormones, cortisone, beta blockers, etc.), stress (it enhanced the secretion of cortisol and aldosterone, both of antidiuretic, ie water einlagernd acting) and ... and ... and ... will also malnutrition to excess water retention in the body. For example, the increased intake of sodium - mainly by salt. The problem is that sodium is now included in almost all foods.

To the many health risks to escape by edema, there is only one thing: the body of the excess amounts of water to liberate. There are plenty of supplements on the market that are commonly known as diuretics (water tablets). The problem with most of these products: they drain into the uncontrolled rule only the digestive tract and not the actual target affected areas of the body. Due to this uncontrolled withdrawal of water from the digestive tract but also with the liquid nutrients (eg minerals) washed out, because they still could not be absorbed. The resignation of major minerals can cause fatigue, weakness and muscle cramps. Moreover, such a change in the electrolyte balance of the body to change the whole acid-alkaline balance entail. This in turn can have serious consequences for the basic health.

Worse still is the fact that many long-term diuretics may actually promote the formation of edema. How is this possible? Actually, yes they will cause exactly the opposite. Many diuretics cause, just as I said already, an uncontrolled loss of water, trying to prevent the body through the production of a hormone. This hormone (aldosterone) will also be increased if the water floating tablets not be taken. The result: increased water retention. The victims come from the tablets do not let go! That is, instead, therefore, get rid of the edema, dehydration can be achieved with many specimens exactly the opposite - it creates new and edema of diuretic tablets are downright dependent.

Aqua GO works completely differently than conventional diuretics. The phytotherapeutic dewatering plant to help in Aqua GO will be a responsible and intelligent drainage - no side effects, such as a re-edema - and without mineral excretion. Highly effective, dehydrating plant the disturbed water balance does not simply regulate the digestive tract, but specifically in all, affected body regions. In this approach, the liquid has been initiated no more nutrients bound to happen because they have already been absorbed, and thus is only an excretion of water, and not of vital minerals, instead.

But Aqua GO goes further: It seamlessly integrates with detoxifying and diuretic effects namely anti-inflammatory effects and increasing the resistance of connective tissues and vessel walls. The results are lean body regions (freed from water retention and toxins) and beautiful legs (due to the additional resistance of connective tissues and vessel walls).

Made possible by a medley of asparagus, Orthosiphonblättern, birch leaves, L-proline, Tunisian jasmine flowers, horse chestnut leaf, red vine leaf, hawthorn flower, agrimony, etc.
The specific drainage, affected in all regions of the body is possible by Orthosiphonblätter. Orthosiphonblätter are an extremely effective, broad-spectrum diuretics. They escape - no matter where in the body - specifically excess water retention. We use only Australian in Aqua GO Orthosiphonblätter because they are most active and richest so quickly eliminate edema can.
The support given by the legendary Orthosiphonblätter asparagus. It has long been known that asparagus has excellent diuretic properties. From a medical point of view is so special about the asparagus "asparagine", an amino acid that is important for the urea cycle. Thus asparagus makes for a fast urinary urgency. Asparagus also contains special sulfur-containing substances. These can be harmful in the body of heavy metals such as cadmium and lead, bind and convert it into a water-soluble form. You are then in the urine excreted by the kidneys. This is an important additional contribution to the revitalization of the body. Due to the excellent drainage and detoxification properties of asparagus this is also true in science as highly recommended.
Birch leaves dehydrate targeted arms, hands, fingers and legs. The flavonoids contained in the leaves turn in the limbs excess water retention and support so gentle natural drainage. At the same time they cause the organism to a lot of minerals and thus prevent flushing out of these important substances. Birch leaves also relax the lower skin layers, thus providing a finer complexion.
Speaking of beautiful skin: Aqua GO has, as already mentioned, not only diuretic properties, but also aesthetic. In particular, the legs, both aesthetically and diuretic support. With the substances L-proline, horse chestnut and red vine leaves not only the drainage of the legs is encouraged - but also prevented a re-formation of edema.

Especially with summer temperatures, it is very common to water retention in the legs. The reason: The metabolism and circulation is stressed differently in summer and thus often leads to malfunctions in the field of venous valves. This no longer close properly, blood can not be 100% pumped back to the heart and it accumulates in the leg veins. These are expanding and so develop spider veins and varicose veins. Much worse, however, is that blood is forced through the congestion in the veins, and water into the surrounding tissue. The result: Swollen ankles and legs.
Horse chestnut has, with his outstanding, vein-promoting properties, not only against spider veins, varicose veins and edema, but also against a new water retention in the ankles and legs. The plant of the year 2008 can also seal the vein walls, namely, preventing a fresh water discharge into the surrounding tissue.

The same is true for the red vine leaves. Numerous studies have also found this excellent plant, veinotonic properties. The flavonoids (quercetin, isoquercetin, kaempferol, rutin) leaves the dense walls of the finest veins (capillaries) and make them more stable. By this operation occurs no more liquid out, so that a water retention avoided in the tissue. In addition, the constituents inhibit inflammatory processes in the vessel walls, thereby improving blood flow to the capillaries in the skin. An improved blood flow in turn plays an important role for spider veins and varicose veins to make an end. The result: Not only healthy legs without edema, but also beautiful legs.

An equally essential part of good legs, the amino acid L-proline. This exciting compound is a true expert when it comes to Bindegewebsstraffung. The problem: Even in the more mature age, this substance is often no longer produce enough in the body. The result is that the collagen degradation and thus supports the connective tissue. For this reason, this course also includes Aqua GO experts for the streamlining of the connective tissue. However, to achieve an optimum effect with L-proline, this substance must be recorded simultaneously with a certain amount of Vitamin C. Therefore contains a very special Aqua GO L-proline, which achieved in combination with a correctly adjusted vitamin C best results. Thus the body the toning Bindegewebsbestandteile are virtually on a silver platter - including cutlery - served.

The aesthetic effect is agrimony beautifully rounded. Agrimony has not only detoxifying properties, but also has the smallest inflammation (Mikroinflammation) against the connective tissue. These infections often small in the connective tissue on the legs. The reason: the congested veins is often pushed into the surrounding tissue is not only water but also proteins. This inflammation can occur and then the smallest scar, which can be very painful. Externally, this process does sometimes in the form of small white spots on the skin (atrophy blanche) noticeable. In the long run it causes ulcers. One speaks in this case by a Ödemnekrose. Agrimony can stifle this process in the bud, thereby promoting a smooth, uniform and tight skin of calves and thighs.

The hawthorn flowers in aqua GO strengthen, due to their high Hyperosidgehalt the arterial structures and promote circulation. The improved blood flow in turn acts as a carrier for the active ingredients in Aqua GO, wel they can therefore be better conveyed to the corresponding active regions - specifically in order to drain, to purify and beautify.

You see, Aqua GO is actually a smart product to the really affected body regions of excess water retention and thus to relieve swelling. It does not matter if it comes to eyes, face, hands, fingers and upper arms. Or ankles, legs, abdomen, waist or buttocks.
Speaking of butt, waist and abdomen. Do not be surprised if you lose with Aqua GO, several pounds of weight fairly quickly. Namely water retention are also increasingly held in fat cells. Depending on how much they weigh, you can lose five to 10 liters Go Aqua excess water. Since a liter equals one kilo, which makes five to 10 kilos on the scales. This is also the reason why every expert recommends, in addition to a diet pre-drainage. Many unwanted kilos hidden in the water retention. In particular, abdomen, arms, legs, buttocks, waist and face are affected and are so only by drainage, slimmer.

Since Aqua GO addition also detoxifies, in addition to the above-mentioned weight loss, come again to up to three kilograms. Even slags do not hesitate to be fat - especially in the abdominal and waist area. And through the detoxification alone they quickly lose up to three kilograms in weight. Depending on how much you currently weigh so, a weight loss, with Aqua GO, of up to 13 kg is possible - only by drainage and waste products. And relatively quickly.

We recommend taking 1 capsule in the morning and 1 capsule in the evening. The contents of a can is enough for 2 month. The shelf life is two years.

2 capsules contain: Vitamin C - 68 mg = 85 *, Asparagus Extract - 360 mg, Red Vine Leaf Extract - 200 mg L-Proline - 164 mg, more phytochemicals - 618 mg
* =% Of the recommended daily dose according to the nutrition labeling regulation

Diabetic Information: 2 capsules (= recommended daily intake) contained 0.06 units of bread.

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