Collagen Lift - The Cosmetic Lift Drink.

Collagen Lift - The Cosmetic Lift Drink.
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Collagen Lift - The Cosmetic Lift Drink.

Collagen-Lift-Drink- die Kosmetik zum Trinken TV Bestseller!
Cosmetics to drink! Pure collagen hydrolyzate with goji berries (fruit of longevity): The current hottest secret weapon of the Hollywood Stars - against aging.

There are people who just look young forever - and with almost 60 or 70 years. Take, for example, Annabelle Ruesenberg. This is the lady who was immortalized on the label of our collagen lift drink. She is 56 years young - and now let's be honest: If one of you that age? No. And we assure you: The photo is retouched nor been otherwise processed. How is that possible?

The magic word for youthful skin is collagen. A strong swelling in the connective tissue proteins, which - among other things save water by his outstanding ability to - the skin smooth and firm makes. Impaired collagen, results in wrinkles, cellulite, sagging breasts, flabby skin and bumps on the skin.

The connective tissue of the skin is 24 hours a day in a continuous assembly and disassembly process. Affects these processes through the skin nutrition. From 25 Age slows down the synthesis (production) of collagen and is overtaken by the degradation processes. "It is crucial," say the dermatologists' reverse this process. So to slow the degradation processes and to support the massive build-up processes. " Then the condition of the skin in 60 to 90 days can improve significantly.

Collagen is about 30% of the total mass of the human protein and its tensile strength is the connective tissue - not only in the skin, but everywhere in the body, into the institutions. It consists of long chains of white fiber-like molecules. These fibers are by far the most solid and strongest building materials in the world. They are much more resistant than steel fibers of the same density. Surprisingly, these fibers consist of only two amino acids, namely proline and glycine. The trick of nature: it has too long, these large molecules, left-handed spirals aufgezwirbelt and linked three of them together with right rotation. The whole is then joined by equally large tear-proof, but yellow stretchy elastin fibers together.

This gives rise to for example the face beneath the epidermis an absolutely solid, smooth layer, which absorbs pressure and - if we laugh - stretches like rubber, but once again contracts to its original smoothness.

For basic facts of protein deficiency, but also with other nutrient deficiencies - or in the prescription of corticosteroids, for example, gets the body protein reserves from the connective tissue and collagen. Here, the collagen degradation is greatest where the most collagen is present: in the bones and skin.

"The healthy structure of the skin may actually not change collagen for decades," say experts metabolism. The skin should be on the face, neck, chest, buttocks and thighs do not vary in their strength collide, they must still be as powerful as defying the age of 50 with 20 years: in other words. Wrinkles, furrows and crow's feet are basically nothing more than signs of malnutrition and life circumstances. Withered skin, skin furrows or grooves occur only where the connective tissue is extremely weak. But for all the people whose skin has aged too quickly, there is now renewed hope for a more youthful appearance.

Our collagen lift drink provides your body with pure collagen hydrolyzate namely, that in turn can stimulate your body's own collagen synthesis. The reason: Collagen hydrolyzate is inter alia rich in the amino acids glycine and proline - amino acids that the body needs most urgently to produce its own collagen at all to be able to. The highlight: Collagen hydrolyzate contains a high proportion of double major collagen-like amino acids, the average of all other food proteins. In no other food is not that important collagen-building amino acids found in such high concentrations in collagen hydrolyzate. This collagen hydrolyzate is the best support for your connective tissue and your body's own collagen building.

By supporting the body's own collagen synthesis, the body's collagen fiber network can return to its unique mission: namely, to bind moisture. Sun gives your skin what she had in her youth in large quantities - water. And that was the water that is stored in the collagen, provides among other things for the elasticity of the skin. Thus, again flatten wrinkles and improve the density and tension of the skin itself.

To complete the formulation of collagen lift drink well through the hottest anti-aging news straight from Hollywood. Famous Stars love the goji berries from Tibet as a secret weapon against aging. Even the best-selling author of the Vitamin Bible, Dr. Earl Mindell says, "I believe that goji berries from Tibet have more powerful benefits for the anti-aging than any other product I've seen in the last 40 years."

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