Moringa Tea - 250 g

Moringa Tea - 250 g
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Moringa Tea - 250 g

Foods: leaves, fruits, flowers, seeds, oil and powder from the leaves can be estimated as a staple and in Western countries as a dietary supplement. The sprouts taste like horseradish, fruits such as asparagus.

Medicine: leaves, flowers, fruits, seeds, twigs, bark, roots, oil and powder from the leaves are used in traditional medicine to treat many ailments.
Animal feed: In agriculture Moringablätter be given as Beinahrung what to significant weight gain and milk production increased significantly (up to 43% in cows) can lead. Moringa can be fed to pets.

Energy Source: Moringa grows in the tropics about 30 cm in the month, one hectare Moringa delivers up to 700 tons of biomass per year. From Moringaöl quality biodiesel is produced.
Fertilizer: If plants are sprayed with a Moringalösung, increasing the yield to 35%. Fruits and plants are stronger and more resistant to diseases and pests. The same goes for garden and indoor plants.

The benefits of Moringa Oleifera for human nutrition
For more than 15 years, Moringa is used in Africa to combat the malnutrition of the people there. It was found that the plant not only contains valuable nutrients, but also very rich in vitamins and trace elements. The small leaves of Moringa oleifera have:

7 times more vitamin C than oranges
4 times more calcium than milk
3 times more potassium than bananas and Potassium
2-times more protein than soy

There are also large amounts of chlorophyll and polyunsaturated fatty acids naturally

Rub the leaves on the temples, they should help against headaches.
Wrapping of fresh leaves would stop bleeding from small cuts or skin irritation from insect bites. In addition, sheets had also anti-inflammatory and batkteriell.

Similarly, leaf extracts are effective against bacterial and fungal skin irritation.
Moringa leaf tea help with stomach ulcers and diarrhea (Malawi).

In addition, the leaves would help with fever, bronchitis, eye and ear infections as well as inflammation of the mucous membranes and because of their high iron content even treat anemia (Philip pines).

The seed powder would be suitable for the treatment of Skorbuthauterkrankungen (a bacterial skin inflammation).
Because of the high protein and dietary fiber content were Moringa food at all as food for people with malnutrition beneficial

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