Aluminium - 1 Liter

Aluminium - 1 Liter
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Aluminium - 1 Liter

Short and sweet:
Tonic effect on the CNS, effect on mucous membranes, skin, blood, sweat-resistant, regulator of sleep.
Lack: insomnia, irritability, nervous system disorders, mental residue, mongolism.
Excess: Altzheimer syndrome, memory loss, indigestion.

In detail:
ALUMINIUM - Al - aluminum sulf.
Lat: Aluminium / -nii - F: Aluminium - E: Aluminium - atomic number (Z) 13
Therapeutic indications: depression (with Cu, Li, Mn), memory disorders, learning difficulties (with P, Si, Zn, see: Li), impaired memory in senility (with Au, P, Se, Si, Zn), sleep disorders (with Co , Li).
In Trichomineralogramm Hair Mineral Analysis aluminum values ​​between 0.0 and 30.0 ppm are considered normal. Higher values ​​can have toxic effects. Thus overload can be alleviated with increased calcium and magnesium intake. Reducing phosphorus intake.
Biological Role / Physiology: Unknown. While it falls somewhat difficult to assume that aluminum, which in terms of volume occurs at least 19th in the human body (before copper) should not play any biological role in humans. "Higher" plants and animals have learned to keep their bodies free of aluminum.

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