Aulterra Powder - 50 g

Aulterra Powder - 50 g
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This naturally occurring substance has a totally different mechanism of action, but is also proven to significantly reduce harmful EMF frequencies in a position to neutralize or even completely.

During a study of M. Syldona, K. and G. Rein Danduran found that Aulterra can reduce not only the spikes, but also the radiation intensity by about 30%. Aulterra seems to be able to have the organism to protect over 2 Mechnismen. Biochemical defenses and physical alteration of cell phone signals.

In an experiment at the University of California have been reductions in the radiation intensities between 35 to 70% achieved, depending on how attached the Aulterra were Neutralizer. The experimenter was completely convinced that this little glue can have no influence and the more he was surprised by the phenomenal effect of Aulterra neutralizer.

Further experiments showed that the DNA Aulterra can protect them from damage or at least reduce them. The product is patented in the United States.

Aulterra can increase the effectiveness of dietary supplements and other substances by 30-60%.

Aulterra neutralize the ill effects of toxins, and heavy metals in the body. Electromagnetic dynamics change the polarity of the heavy metals and allows the body to excrete them through the natural excretory organs. Studies show that even with Aulterra contaminated soil from heavy metals and environmental toxins can be released.

daily 3 x 1/4 teaspoon sufficient to achieve this effect. Just take with water and Aulterra begins in the body to work.

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