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Chrom - 1 Liter
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Vanadium and diabetes go hand in hand. Diabetes can occur whenever
a vanadium deficiency are found together with a lack of zinc
and chromium. It is assumed that diabetes and all related
Symptoms such as blindness, high blood pressure, amputations, early death by the
Intake of vanadium, chromium and zinc could be prevented. In 1985,
noted the University of Vancouver, that the insulin Vandadium
could replace. Chromium / Vanadium and diabetes history should be based on the
Be front page news. "

Due to its important role in blood sugar levels before Chrome was about 50
Years, the mineral Chromium classified as essential. Dr. Klaus Schwartz
also found that Type 2 diabetes is not a disease but a
A deficiency of chromium is.

Chromium works with insulin to the cells of sugar supply. Takes
the content of chromium from, then takes the sugar supply to the cells
charge accordingly.

Statements such as, insulin resistance and insulin sensitivity should be sought through
Be expressed "strong chromium deficiency" shall be replaced.
Above all, athletes should ensure that by the sweat
precipitated minerals to feed immediately after the activity, otherwise
severe deficiency symptoms can occur.

Chromium ensures that insulin receptors delivered to the sugar again
can accommodate. If there is too little chromium make it a traffic jam in the
Delivery of insulin and glucose levels to rise.
Whole grain wheat and sugarcane contain large amounts of chromium. By the
Rafinieren is about 90% of them lost!

During an investigation it was found that nearly 25% of
people tested at the 40 chrome no longer in the organism had. Dr.
Henry Alfred Schroeder of the University of Dartmouth also noted that
the lack of chromium is a major cause of heart diseases. Thus, e.g.
found found that an increase in cholesterol always
was when the chromium level was low.

According to Dr. Schroeder notes, among other things, that through the increased
Consumption of refined sugars and carbohydrates, the body not only
insufficient quantities of minerals are fed, but the body
even minerals are extracted.

Chromium is also excellent for treating the burnout syndrome.
Were also strong correlations at very power loss and chrome
determined. In order to successfully treat diabetes may also be the
Recommended intake of zinc. 50 mg of zinc daily blood sugar helps in the
To enter cells and contributes to the insulin that may work better.
In summary, it can be said that by the ingestion of vanadium and
Chromium is a natural solution to the problem is blood sugar.

Practical advice:

They increase the intake of protein, this will repair the cell membrane
. help

Reduce the intake of sugar and all refined carbohydrates
and replaced by this complex.

reduce their weight
be sure to eat several times a day to make your blood sugar levels
to keep constant.

Totally abstain from alcohol, nicotine and caffeine
Because diabetics lose a lot of minerals on the Uring it is even more
important to replace them with a quality product.

In the event that you are taking medication, please note the
Leaflets and pay attention to the possible side effects.

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