Etherium Gold - 1 Piece

Etherium Gold - 1 Piece
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Etherium Gold is a naturally occurring mineral mixture, which is derived from an ancient ocean basin in the Sierra Nevada in California. Geologists have determined that about 11,600 years ago there must be a meteorite fallen. This strike has caused a high concentration of mono-atomic elements, which are still active.

The product has been scientifically examined at various levels and was found again and again amazing. The special features of the mineral mixture is that it consists of the monoatomic rare minerals gold, silver, iridium, rhodium, chromium, platinum. These are not absorbed by the organism, but that was found is scientifically produce energy pattern of a double helix, which achieved an immediate effect on the brain and the well-being of the people.

Hyperactive children can take their lives completely "normal" live. Depressed people can return to being happy. Etherium Gold has to carry the property to the unbalanced people in his inner balance. Etherium Gold may also be recommended for learning difficulties and concentration problems.

Immediately after the tongue comes into contact with the dust balance the brain within 30 seconds and there are alpha waves. The electrochemical reaction is strong enough to activate the sodium-potassium battery in the neurons of the brain. In the waking state, the brain produces mainly beta waves in the frequency range of 13Hz-30 Hz. When we sleep theta waves which are produced mainly between 3Hz, 6Hz. Alpha waves are exactly in between and are responsible for our creativity, inner peace. Balance and coordination is crucial.

Case Studies:

Man of middle age suffered for many years under severe epileptic seizures. He need to look at how his own father hanged himself in the basement. By taking Etherium Gold and Goldwasser, the epileptic seizures are completely gone.

Older women who have been 50! Years suffered under such severe dizziness that has been moved to the floor and the walls just by taking Etherium Gold healed completely within a few minutes of dizziness. This is no longer auftgetreten today.

Child with school and test anxiety has completely lost it and got better in school.

Can e.g. help many others with learning difficulties, hyperactivity, epilepsy, anxiety, dizziness

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