Tourmaline Powder

Tourmaline Powder
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Tourmaline Powder 250 g

Tourmaline is typically used for bathing or for bedding and other textiles. Our test, however, showed that tourmaline for internal use as a powder in water or the juice is an excellent health product with extremely high energy and numerous health-promoting properties. Products with such a high energy show usually a very quick and resounding effect on numerous health problems. In our analysis of tourmaline can supportive, invigorating, and healing at work:

Nervous problems, poisoning of any kind, gene defects, vaccine damage, circulatory problems, inflammation, abnormal cells and negative cells of information, lack of oxygen (relative number of women have a lack of oxygen, so they have constantly cold hands and feet), Vewachsungen, lymphatic system, muscles, eyes, cardiovascular , skeletal system, respiratory system, sexual system, endocrine system. The zeolite strengthens the life force and are significantly more energy.

250 g

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