Etherium Black - 28.3 g

Etherium Black - 28.3 g
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Etherium Black will be one of the most amazing dietary supplements you have ever experienced. Its effects are truly multi-dimensional. The best way we can describe how it works is that it seems to possess an ability to detect chaotic electromagnetic energy within the mind and body and simply neutralize it*. Metaphorically speaking; it puts the smoke back into the wood as if the fire never existed. Things like this are difficult to prove since we are really talking Frontier Science here. Analytical equipment is not available to precisely measure these subtle frequencies. Description s in this presentment are the accumulation of over 10 years of testimony and our own experiences.

As mentioned, Etherium Black is fast acting. Over the years it has consistently relieved people with severe allergy attacks. In fact, we have several people who have reported to us that they went into anaphylactic shock after consuming a hidden allergen and felt that if they didn’t have Etherium Black with them; they would not have been around to make the phone call to thank us.

One day in Florida we were giving a training session to the employees of a health food store. As coincidence would have it, towards the end of the training and while talking about Etherium Black, a female employee started to have a gluten reaction to the bagels that were being served. Red blotches rapidly appeared all over her body, her neck began to swell, and she started to have difficulty breathing. She was given 2 capsules of Etherium Black and immediately her breathing returned to normal. Within 10 minutes the red blotches on her face, chest and arms were completely gone, and her neck returned to its normal contour within a half hour. Needless to say, we sold several cases of Etherium Black in that store that morning.

Etherium Black has also been shown to return the mind and body back to sobriety after the over consumption of alcohol. In fact, if too much alcohol is consumed, take 2 or 3 capsules before bedtime and you will wake up fine the next morning. Not to be used as a tool to allow or encourage more alcohol consumption.

Again, the modality of action here is Etherium Black returning an electromagnetic chaotic state back to normalcy. Stress is chaos to the mind, and therefore Etherium Black is marvelous at alleviating stressful situations. The reality of the stress is still there, but your reaction to it completely changes. The same holds true for depression and anxiety. Etherium Black alters your perception to a more harmonious reality and therefore removes the negative perceptions causing the distress.

None of these statements are approved by the FDA. We are merely exercising our freedom of speech guaranteed to us under the US Constitution. We do not necessarily recommend Etherium Black as a daily supplement, but rather to be taken on an as needed basis. Etherium Black is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate, or prevent any disease. Only the pharmaceutical industry is allowed to do that. But we do absolutely guarantee Etherium Black unconditionally. If for any reason you feel Etherium Black does not do what we state it can do, simply return it for a 100% refund within 90 days of purchase.

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