Energy Card 5X (2500-3000 Ionen)

Energy Card 5X (2500-3000 Ionen)
Energy Card 5X (2500-3000 Ionen)
Product Code: Energiekarte 5X (2500-3000 Ionen)
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Energy Card 5x (2500-3000 Ionen)

Wrist watch Ion DATA is multifunctional eco-friendly sports watch, which helps to balance the electrical charge of human body. Besides shoving the time, the watch discharges negative ions, which have a positive effect on your well-being.

The silicon rubber is completely safe for skin. The award winning design of the watch is suitable for adults and children of all ages.

  • Time and date display
  • One size fits all
  • Size : 17 cm
  • Weight: 11 grams
  • Width: widest part: approximately 2 cm, narrowest part: 0,6 cm
  • The watch is splash proof not waterproof

Colorblack, white, light blue, blue, dark blue, red, pink, yellow. light green, green, purple, orange

CHF 25.00 

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