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Silicone strap with about 3000 negative ions

black, brown, white

By various environmental factors, such as electro, Excessive use of the computer, plastics, environmental toxins generally stay indoors, the body is more pos. Ion fed, resulting in a disbalance of the ions in the body. By wearing a ribbon ion They provide the optimal balance of neg and pos. Ions in your body. This should be about 60 to 40. By an increased number of pos. Ions in the body can become cramped muscles, toxins accumulate, the oxygen are not fully utilized and free radicals are released. Wearing a negative ion belt provides an additional supply of negative ions, which is a significant improvement of the general well-being. The body has more energy and regenerates faster and the cells can be detoxified better because environmental toxins are no longer bind as well. The bands give off more than 3000 negative ions per 3cm air and this for years.

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