Nanocup Superwater

Nanocup Superwater
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Fill in any other normal water or the beverage in the cup. Please do not use boiling water or the beverage, because otherwise the effect will be destroyed in the existing cup Nanominerals. Use preferably filtered water. Emanating from the selected minerals biophotons now begin their work and change the structure of the water. It is known that cause calcium, sodium, zinc, iron, copper and other minerals structured water and eg Fluorine, aluminum, sulfates unstructured. From unstructured water by means of highly textured hexagonal cup microcluster water. Let the water about 10 minutes + more are in the cup. The water is activated, negatively polarized, mildly alkaline and soft. Activated water from the body, absorbed in the skin and all body cells due to surface tension and very small water clusters immediately and is therefore able to detoxify these really and interrogation by the energy level significantly. 6 times more intense penetration and cleaning power than normal tap water. the opinions expressed by the tourmaline and other minerals long infrared waves to detoxify, revitalize and mineralize the water. This water is invigorating because it the acid-base balance of the body can absorb more optimally supported and active oxygen. Diseases can spread only in unbalanced organisms. Alkaline water has the ability to absorb a lot of oxygen and leave the body. Drink at least 30 ml per kg body weight. The Modified Water has an IMMEDIATE and demonstrable effect on your entire body.

The water has a strong antibacterial activity with an efficiency of 99.99%!

Drink throughout the day, several cups of this water and you will feel not only alive, but the water is over the weeks to regenerate your entire body.

You can also use them to treat cigarettes and reduce the toxic effect, as well as soften the taste. To do this, the cigarettes at least 30 minutes in the cup.

Clean the inside of the cup with sharp abrasive cleaning agents, but only with soap and water. Dei lifespan is 7-10 years. You can also cup now and then for a few hours to put the sun in order to minimize the effect on the optimum. However, this is not necessary to guarantee the effect.

Check out the video where you can marvel at the effect of water on an impressive manner.

If you have further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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