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With the adoption of our PVA field technology (namely “Proton Vibration Alignment”), iWand works by using the medium of light to enhance positive energy flow (known as “Qi” in Chinese medicine) in the body through the skin and acupoint.

Having the advantages of a contactless and non-invasive approach, iWand improves microcirculation to achieve the following:

  1. Rapid absorption of external fluid into skin and deeper tissues
  2. Relieve many types of pains and chronic conditions
  3. Enhance immunity and promote metabolism for illness prevention
  1. Expedites cutaneous absorption of topical applications
  2. Enhances immunity
  3. Promotes metabolism
  4. Fast and effective pain relief
  5. Non-invasive acupuncture
  6. Regular use helps maintain and improve overall health
  • Portable hand-held design
  • Delivers the PVA Field using ordinary red light (neither infrared nor laser)
  • Needlefree, light delivered Acupuncture
  • Twist the shaft to power on/off
  • Robust and durable alloy body design
  • Over 1,000 hours of battery life

Wavelength of light output

  • 620 - 645 nanometer

Battery requirement

  • Power: two 1.5V (AAA size) batteries
  • Maximum power consumption: less than 30mw

Size and weight

  • Height: 15 mm
  • Width: 15 mm
  • Length: 143 mm
  • Weight: 30.4 g (battery excluded)

Note: Product & specifications are subject to change without notice.


  • iWand (1 pc)
  • Pouch (1 pc)
  • User Manual (1 pc)
  • AAA Batteries (2 pcs)

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