Cell Phone Case

Cell Phone Case
Cell Phone Case Cell Phone Case Cell Phone Case
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Cell Phone Case

The RadBlocker™ belt pouch is an extremely fine product with an adjustable clip so you can choose the direction you would like to carry your cell phone – vertical or horizontal. The RadBlocker™ pouch is made of high quality  leather for your convenience. The RadBlocker™ has Hi-End components that help block up to 90% of the cellular radiation. The pivot belt pouch has an extra strong magnet to help secure you’re device in place. Easy to install on belt and easy to take off.

Note:15.5×8.5 cm OR 6.1×3.3 inches
Jumbo:14.5×8.5 cm OR 5.7×3.3 inches
Large:13.5×7.5 cm OR 5.3×2.9 inches
Medium:12.5×6.5 cm OR 4.9×2.55 inches
Small:11.5×6.5 cm OR 4.5×2.6 inches


Note: specify size under remark.​

CHF - 35.00

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