Winter Duvet Silk Tourmaline, 200 x 220, with 100 magnets

Winter Duvet Silk Tourmaline, 200 x 220, with 100 magnets
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Winter Duvet Silk Tourmaline, 200 x 220, with 100 magnets

Winterduvet Seide-Turmalin, 200 x 220, mit 100 Magneten Tourmaline, a natural negative ions and far infrared radiation (FIR) source
The tourmaline was highly valued in ancient times and also in the Arabic tradition of tourmaline is a stone of the sun, which strengthens the body. Another peculiarity of tourmaline is occurring in crystals of piezoelectric and pyroelectric effect. The former indicates that opposing crystal ends oppositely charged electrically. The tourmaline involves not only the secret of his heart brings beautiful colors, but also serves as the negative ions and far infrared radiation source. Inside the body is effected by the external electric field a charge separation.

The piezoelectrical and pyroelectric
Properties of the tourmaline we infer by the grinding of the tourmaline crystals, exacerbating the effect many times. Similar to homeopathy, in which the effect of the substance by grinding and shaking is amplified, intensified by the tourmaline, the negative-ion radiation and the depths of infrared radiation by the grinding and milling of precious stones, ie Negative-ion-beam or deep-infrared emit radiation. This can be explained by the fact that the tourmaline generates a piezoelectric and pyroelectric crystal as an ion crystal permanent electric polarization that is enhanced by the fine grinding in the smallest Turmalinkristallteilchen.

Winterduvet silk-tourmaline, natural color, 200 x 220 cm, 100% natural Mulberry silk filled with a tourmaline coating. Unbleached, chemically untreated, 18 different amino acids and 97% of the protein, which is contained in the silk can be directly absorbed from the skin. Silk wicks moisture and heat well. Warm in winter and cool in summer.

No jewel is a wealth of colors such as tourmaline. Frequently tourmalines show various layers of color. When there are a variety of tourmaline color distributions and arrangements in the crystals. Contaminants and trace elements lead to special varieties, so that practically each deposit produces its own tourmaline.

Tourmaline is quite some time as an extraordinary semi-precious stone and universities and scientific centers all over the world deal with its effects.

Why? Infrared Tourmaline is the only gemstone, which delivers electricity and a permanent natural source of negative ions and infrared waves is long.

Since we take the latest findings 85% of negative ions through the skin, it is easy to understand, what we take for a total benefit of it when we sleep with a Turmalindecke

The tourmaline is the property attributed to improve the microcirculation to help relieve stress, promote mental alertness and strengthening the immune system.

(NIWA Institute of Immunology, 1993)

About. in 1986 it was discovered that even if you grind the tourmaline in small parts, but they still have a positive and negative electrodes at both ends. The electrodes do not disappear unless the tourmaline was heated to approximately 1000 degrees. Brought to the positive and negative electrodes together showed a voltage of 0.06 mA, so very, very close to the body's own cell voltage.

Medicinal properties: Because of its good energetic conductivity and their wealth in minerals of the tourmaline has a restorative and invigorating to the spirit, soul, mind and body and helps everything combine to form a harmonious unit. On the way he promotes creativity and perception. Physically it stimulates the energy flow of the meridians and the entire metabolism. It can be used for weakness and deficiency symptoms. Even with scarring disorders it is working.

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