Jack Fruit Extract Powder - 250 g

Jack Fruit Extract Powder - 250 g
Jack Fruit Extract Powder - 250 g
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250 g Fruit-Extract-Powder

Extract 10:1

In general, the jackfruit is recommended to remove. Due to the impressive appearance of the fruit I've tested it and I have reached the following conclusion.

Due to numerous complaints indefinable, triggered by vaccination, we've long been looking, for a product that can possibly repair the damage. Because I was very impressed with the jackfruit. Can reach a size of about 1 meter and has a number of pyramid-shaped structures on the surface, which receive from the atmosphere to absorb critical nutrients and electricity, I have tested it. Inside the envelope are numerous fruits installed in a very sticky mass. Also, the cores, such as nuts are eaten.

The fruit has been reviewed by Andreas Schauffert on their effect. The test showed very high energy, about 16 on a scale of 0:18, strong detoxification properties of enzymes and vitamin deficiency.



genetic defects,


neg cell changes

against cancer

Glands, digestion, heart system.

250 g fruit extract powder

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40 CHF


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