Tinder Tea

Tinder Tea
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Tinder Tea (250g)

The tinder fungus usually grows on deciduous trees and is all over the world at home. Mostly poplar birches, oaks and beeches. It grows over the years on the trees and swells its fruiting bodies. The more times in one year pending this thrusts. The fruiting bodies are mostly black, slightly silvery on the bottom. The Tinder preferably older tree populations. It can be as up to 30 years. And reach a diameter of 10-60 cm.

Vital Mushroom Extracts

  • The valuable components (including the beta-glucans) are concentrated 4-15 times depending on the type of fungus. Through the long cooking the ingredients from the cell matrix are leached and are thus available.
  • Extracts can be dosed less than powder.
  • Certain ingredients however lost in the preparation. But others will, for example, the polysaccharides, highly concentrated and are precisely those substances that have been shown to most in nature. Often the combination of powder and extracts may be useful.
  • The majority of the clinical trials was conducted with mushroom extracts.

Disadvantage of extracts:
Certainly all the fiber and probably some of the vitamins and minerals are lost.

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