Graviola fruit extract powder

Graviola fruit extract powder
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Graviola fruit extract powder
A western view of the plant :
As the main active ingredients containing alkaloids Anonain , Anonilin , Muricin or Muricinin apply . They have a natural pesticide and anti-bacterial effect . In 1976, a study group of the National Cancer Institute found that certain agents that acetogenins of Annonenbaumes are able to selectively destroy cancer cells without harming healthy cells , ie without being toxic to the body . This effect was registered against almost all cancer cells , even against those that had multiple resistance to chemotherapeutic agents. This discovery was subsequently rise to various studies which were mainly carried out by Pardue University in West Lafayette , Indiana, USA. Purdue University published in 1997 their results and found the mechanism of action of acetogenins Annonenbaumes . The drug group thus apparently blocked an enzyme in the metabolism of the cancer cell ( only in the cancer cell ) , which regulates the supply of energy. Without sufficient energy supply the cancer cell dies . It was noted that 13 of the soursop tree acetogenines a stronger effect on cancer cells besitzten as the three most important cancer chemotherapeutic agents so far : Adrianycin , vincristine , vinblastine . ( L.Taylor

Graviola Powder 500 g - 500 g graviola powder , the most powerfull fruit in the world . energy level 17.5, the highest fruit in the world : energy 17.5
the fruit graviola

500 g
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