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Potassium is an extremely reactive element and is the most abundant element on earth 8.
In order to have healthy cells, potassium is one of the most important elements. It is considered essential in all Körpergeweben of the human body and is always used as a positively charged ion - a cation - and never found in combination with other elements. This mineral is so rich variety that accounts for up to 5% of the mineral ions in the healthy body.

Potassium is found primarily in the cells, scientists discovered that there are 75-98% of all ions in a cell of potassium, even after which cells are studied. This mineral is considered as basic building block in the blood cells, which serves to transport oxygen through the blood. The dominant role of potassium in cells and fluids makes nötig for numerous electrochemical and catalytic functions of the enzyme system.
These enzyme systems are responsible for the transport and utilization of energy, carbohydrate and protein synthesis. Since potassium is also for the Capacity to store the amino acid in the cells is responsible, is also a high priority for explain the importance of potassium in körperlichen growth and development.

Potassium activities in the cell does not affect hold enzymatic activities, but also unterstützen skeletal and cardiac muscle contractions, beifreit who works in food and energy-linked with sodium in the transmission of nerve impulses.
Potassium and sodium are antagonists: Potassium is available to 98% inside the cell, however, especially sodium outside the cell. The ultimate effect they unfold but only in combination, for only together, they may in addition so-called ion pumps regulate the osmotic pressure of a cell. Due to the differences in concentration of potassium and sodium ions inside and outside the cells, an electric field. This tension is important for many life-sustaining processes: These pay the transmission of nerve stimuli that generate electrical signals in the heart and the detoxifying function of the kidney. But they, too, for the visual function is mowed.

Furthermore, potassium is important for brain function. An enzyme (Na + / K +-adenosine triphosphatase) transports potassium ions into the brain cells and sodium ions out. Thus a large part of the brain power is generated. In case of breach of this balance, for example an accident caused by "shock" the body cells lose these alkali metals.

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