Parasite Cleanse

Parasite Cleanse
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Parasite Cleanse

1 x Copper Water 1000 ml

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Parasites that often plague undetected.

Parasites feed on a host. So you need a different organism, is also designated as the host. Parasites can damage the body and in the worst case for the host and the mean death. Parasites infect humans, plants and animals. In popular parlance they are called parasites. The so-called parasites can remain in or on their host.

In Wikipedia can read that on many bacterial and fungal parasite fit the definition. "But they are being treated for their medical importance and also its only partially facultative parasitism in the fields of bacteriology and mycology in microbiology. Many other parasites often transmitted parasites, then the former are included among the vectors.

From one animal to a human or an animal to a human transmissible infectious diseases called zoonosis. "Most of the stages of many parasites can kill simply by heating at 60 ° C. Others survive even prolonged freezing at temperatures around minus 20 ° C. Parasites are and will remain a sensitive issue for each organism. They often produce symptoms that show an unclear clinical picture. Many patients suffering from a parasite infestation, have an odyssey. Good diagnostics is also an art in itself. Often people have an infestation, but was not detected in stool samples. Following are the stomach and colonoscopies, which can also bring negative results.

The parasites are not necessarily always see with the naked eye, such as round worms in the feces of their own child. A doctor of my acquaintance - Dr. Gregory Will - even talked about that parasites can also cause gluten-and lactose-intolerance with. Once the parasite can be eliminated, may also appeal a number of images disappear. The scientist, Dr. Rafael Sahakian also suggested for severe diseases, nervous disorders often parasites. That is, these people suffer from certain symptoms that you assign a clinical picture. If the parasite is not treated, so does your illness is and the symptoms can worsen. If a parasite or virus, Dr. Sahakian suspected, he asks, especially for certain destinations in the past. For the immune system of an European appear Africa, Asia, South America and present a different challenge than domestic. However, one can get in our part of a parasite, as I have myself caught a worm hook. First, I got busy moderate abdominal pain, then asked a dullness, loss of appetite and lack of appearance (eg, vitamin B deficiency) a. Disappeared after a worming my anemia and abdominal pain. I had an appetite again and was soon back in power.

All invasions of fungi (mycoses) settle in the human organism

Pathogenic Fungi can be preferably low to diseased or dead tissue and start from there the "colonization", that she her host body covered with spores, forming successively their mycelium (mycelium). These spores are extremely resistant and disinfection of any kind is not to destroy.

The fungi to establish themselves on the outer skin are the same ones that we find inside the body, in the mucous membranes or internal organs. If the fungus is found in the outer skin is a sick, open sore, he settled there, and sends its spores through the bloodstream to another organ. If it be acceptable to them there a place, that is, be find vitiated, diseased tissue, they also inhabit this body with its mycelium.

A normally functioning immune system makes these people "short shrift". An immune system - is overloaded or weakened, must accept this invasion - by whatever circumstances. The affected body parts or organs often show symptoms that remind the physician to more allergic eczema or a simple infection, because of a mycosis. This is followed by medication weakens the immune system may still further and the complaints continue to increase.

(Info from WDR contribution "mycosis" in 1993 by Heike Katzmarzik)

How do we 'catch' the fungus?

The basic requirement is always a piece of damaged tissue, which must be no serious injury. Often the skin, for example by plastic or rubber clothing is strongly excited and additionally cut from a reasonable breathing. This opens the door just as the spores as excessive skin care bath products with sharp or constant use of lotions.

The fungus itself we find it is known in swimming pools, saunas, in a damp house but also in food. In the natural lakes and oceans, we can usually find a balanced concentration of acids and bases, there may not be pathological fungus germs spread and people are therefore not affected.

Which promotes fungal growth?

Once the fungus is inside the organism, there are many reasons to encourage its spread. Constant stress, for example, interferes with the increased secretion of adrenaline, the hormone system healthy. But hormone - "imports" in the form of birth control pills or thyroid preparations favor the spread of fungal infections.

Diabetics also offer because of their pathological metabolic state for an ideal breeding ground. Also worth mentioning are: the administration of antibiotics, eating food with preservatives and excessive consumption of refined carbohydrates like sugar, sweets and wheat flour.

Candidate is a frequently encountered type of fungus

Candidates come through the food in our digestive tract. An intact immune system, which depends on a healthy intestinal flora, with these "visitors" is not a problem. They are rendered harmless. If the immune system weakens, candidates can be dangerous. The mushrooms nestle in "good nutrition" in the entire villi. From there, they conquer lymph and blood stream and migrate into other internal organs.

This leads to inflammation, bronchitis, allergies to asthma. In the blood stream can lead to clots, thrombosis and embolism. These are just some examples, but you can see how dangerous and sometimes life-threatening fungal infections such can be, especially if they remain undetected. Examinations of stool and blood samples in addition to giving information about the mucosal swabs fungus in the body.

The goal is to let the germs are inactive, so that they are incapable of reproduction. You can also call an active immunization of the patient.

Previously there were usually two possibilities as candidates to expel from the body.

The eradication with strong chemical preparations.

Although this method destroys the fungi, but also leaves a disturbed intestinal flora, which houses all know that a large part of our immune system. We therefore remain more susceptible to fungal infections.

A strict diet in order to change the environment in the intestine and thereby deprive the mushroom habitat.

AS recommends the following treatment against parasites:

In medicine, noted in connection with serious illnesses often viral and bacterial infections. Parasites (eg worms, Borrelia, etc.), molds, fungal spores are rarely recognized as a disease agent or only ever taken into consideration. Light of past experience, I am assuming that some allergies are not really allergies, but that the symptoms caused by parasites and fungi. Often, patients suffering from parasitic infestation under extreme fatigue, headaches, digestive disorders, food intolerance, bad breath, skin irritation and rashes with intense itching. Freeing the body from these pathogens are, allergies, anemia, and even back or occur only in an attenuated form. Man feels like a new person!

The medical problem is that the infestation of parasites is not always easy to diagnose. Abdominal pain can be for example different reasons and not have every symptom in the same region speaks for parasites. The methods are sufficient for a reliable diagnosis is often not made or the doctor does not even get the idea to look for parasites. . The patient must remember one thing: The doctor is always only what he knows. Nevertheless, each with the doctor of his confidence about his suspicions - possibly to be infested with parasites - to speak openly.

Conventional medicine has knowledge of a variety of pathogens, and we know very well, which can have health consequences of an infestation. If your doctors are not familiar with the topic, then we advise you not to give up and go to your guess on the ground. The results of a study can also double-check or check. Rely on your gut always. If you are interested in the topic, feel this may be a signal for a possible attack.

I could watch that fungi and parasites are often accompanied by depression, melancholy moods of a human feeling. The affected people find themselves faced with seemingly unsolvable problems. They are delivered to the situation and fail to distinguish themselves powerless. Because they let the negative thoughts and feelings for a long time to rot in and see virtually no escape from the situation evolves this way the breeding ground for disease. One must see the powerful symbol behind it, then you can grasp the gist. Very often, the affected people are suffering under circumstances which do not or can hardly influence.

For example: "The mother must watch her son marries a woman who not only lazy, but also a" Messy "is. The mother is appalled and saddened that her son has so made a decision and wants to help him, of course. The daughter wants to help but can not and so the situation for years rotting in front of him without that change occurs. "

Note here that the lack of distinction and serenity of the mother is crucial for their condition. Would she accept fully that her son confront their own life and has, and she would learn of this situation with more composure, then could not develop such feelings. It should not be said here that they should not have these feelings, or should, because the feelings are indeed the way it looks right, but they may not gain the upper hand and make us victims.

Many disease states can occur only because man goes into an emotional realm, which it dominates with time. In most cases, these processes take on a subconscious level, and often a good, insightful conversation can already identify the relationships and identify new ways to man.

"You would be amazed to know how many" allergic "children only suffer from the situation in their family and therefore often react sensitively. Check yourself and your critical environment and do not be naive, because in many cases, the body of the people only a mirror of the inner states of mind. "; Where can the saying "Inside and out," true parasites. People who have parasites in the body, can also be easily used by their environment and exploit. This is not a scientific statement, but you even consider their environment, if you have parasites were found or suspected.

Of course you can also easily infect via the food chain with parasites or fungi. The hook worm, for example, over salad and raw vegetables to his host in the organism. But also caused by fungi such as self monitoring only times the purchase of grapes and other fresh fruits. If they are not the same as is consumed in a very short time to a mold. A mold can be easily detected, but spores can not see with the naked eye.

Undeniably, fungi and parasites can be fatal to the whole organism. Often emerging symptoms are associated with a clinical picture without thinking even parasites. If you experience abdominal discomfort, for example, with severe weight loss, it is often assumed the worst and after a gastroscopy a colonoscopy will follow soon, before you think about parasites.

Regular Pilzkur is recommended as well as a regular holiday. Because parasites are damage with time in a position to the organism irreparably. Of course, a healthy organism has a strong regulatory force. But what if he was weakened by a serious event, prolonged stress or an infection? Parasites then have an easy time.

For this, a case in point:

Foster child from Africa comes with 5 years in Switzerland. He had very severe allergies to meat, dairy products, but also some fruits and roots. Severe skin rashes, the skin would probably greatly over time can cause damage. Also, severe itching, so that we have had to fear that a child is crazy. The white of the eye was cloudy and gray. Based on our determination, we conducted a several months lasting parasite. The child can now eat dairy products and other problems. His eyes are clear, and his breath has disappeared entirely. Important: if he is emotionally aroused, the symptoms are milder form again, but disappear after a short time. So also here, the Council for Care of the Soul.

Our parasite can be carried out without problems of children and infants.

For example, silver is an excellent remedy for fungus and mold. It frees the ailing body gently from these pathogens.

The approach recommended here is unique silver in the world and not to be confused with colloidal silver. "Pure metallic silver is dissolved in a special process in water and afterwards contains silver particles in angstrom size. Angstrom = one million times smaller than a micron. Corresponds approximately to the size of an atom! Due to the smallness of the particles is the product 100% cell-permeable and has no side effects. All minerals of this type available to the organism within minutes. "Do not be confused when the modern science or even the competing claims that not a quality of this kind was possible. It is possible "

As so often when something is exceptionally effective, it also has the silver water, his enemies and critics. They just look on Wikipedia for once, because you will find some objection. The answer to these and other objections as mentioned below:

Plants and especially medicinal herbs such as for example sage of silver contained in water soluble form. The plant gets minerals in colloidal form from the earth and converts it into water-soluble minerals in atomic size. So we drink a lot of sage tea, for example, to fight a cold, we take on a greater quantity of silver. There are even experts who claim that the plant is not so kind, but the contained mineral blend produces the effect.

Cells behave selective in what they include and what not. Also, the cells can only certain forms of an element. Let's take a healthy food, then we add to the cells, the best food. The cell is selected but the form and quantity of the items they receive. It is crucial in what form we take the item to us. During the allegations or suspicions justified, it would have over the last decades have hundreds or thousands of cases occur because the colloidal silver is freely available in countries like the U.S. or England, and is sold in large quantities. Our view, trying to stay here a very effective product an unfounded suspicion. If you set the same yardsticks for synthetic drugs, or dietary supplements, then it would most certainly not on the market. You will be able to see on the examples very quickly and effectively without side effects such as the silver water.

The water contains 100 ppm of silver! Silver in water soluble form and is stable indefinitely. In severe infections 4-6 tablespoons daily is recommended during the next 2-4 days. Do you want it with a parasite treatment for several weeks to try, then 2-3 tablespoons a day are displayed. The silver mixture can also be used topically for skin problems.

The success of the fungus or parasite shows itself after just a few days or the maximum of 3-4 weeks. However, already seen positive changes within days. Depending on the intensity of parasite infestation and the patience of the customers is required. It is worthwhile in any case, the cure to persevere.

Original statement of a patient: "I felt like a dead rat three weeks and then I was reborn!"

Silver is only here but a powerful helper against the parasites, but needs the support of silver copper and zinc.

To better illustrate the problem, here are some concrete examples.

Case study: Daniel "A 4-year-old boy is haunted since birth by severe allergic reactions. The parents report that the boy could not sleep right night, he was animated by a tormenting itch to scratch constantly. The parents visited specialists in the field. Finally they landed at the Vienna University Hospital.

The therapy brought no result. "We noticed only the skin but not the whole body of the boy," We found a bacterial infection found. Since he already had his problems as an infant, it was assumed that he is his problem have probably contracted at birth must. The boy got silver water for 7 days and 7 days after these were all allergic symptoms disappeared. Since then not only the child but also his parents finally sleep through the night again.

Second Case Study: A 40 year-old man accused Thomas S. about every Saturday at 21.00 clock to strong shivering with high fever (41 degrees C). Conventional medicine was not the cause. We found a bacterial infection that therapied the man with silver. The man took the silver recommended only 2 days long. The fever has not recurred since then time.

Third Case Study: A 30-year-old woman who attended a self-healing practitioner school, suffered from severe skin rashes over 10 years with severe redness and itching. It can also report an odyssey through the medical jungle. The trail led from one specialist to another. At the end she ended up in an accredited private clinic in Switzerland. The two-year therapy initiated there remained without visible success. The diagnosis made on site including rheumatism and allergies. After verification of the customer we recommended a parasite. The initial response was very patient with the severe and very unpleasant for them. Severe exacerbation of symptoms and purulent discharge from the skin and behind the ears. After about 3 weeks but the skin improved dramatically. Today she has no skin rashes and more after-10 years of torment. In all the years she suffered continuously to rash. However, we must not allow this patient to the mental aspect that is because she was actually very dissatisfied with their job situation. She was treated unfairly and not valued. We advised her to seek a personal meeting with the boss. Surely such a clarifying discussion also contributes to a healthy when ".

Joshua S. Case study: With a 1 year old infant were observed scaly, circular areas on the body. Our analysis revealed a fungal infection by ringworm. They had trimmed the skin in many places dried up and sick. The sight was had to have mercy on the child and also struggling with too much itching. The use of silver, copper and zinc - internally and externally - the altered state. "The normal baby drink were added to the minerals. Even after 7 days of the child's complaints was again going on! The circle round skin lesions were completely gone though, but a very dry and scaly skin was still present. Where was the problem? Highly insulated building and a closed space in the basement without ventilation led to this fungal infection. This was established by a laboratory analysis. The horrifying example of this is that the fungus could affect only a few weeks after the move so devastating. Today, the child's skin is quite normal. Other family members were also affected by the fungi.
Patricia R. 2006 was amputated after an accident 40 years of a woman's little finger. Received antibiotics for about 1 month to prevent infection. There were a lot of pain medication administered, and all the drug have gradually destroys the gut. Always had diarrhea, the intestine was inflamed intestinal cramps and a food intolerance. The immune system was weakened by the treatment and she had therefore always chronic infections. The liver is working poorly, breathing problems, general physical weakness, which made it impossible for her to work. After taking silver water was clarified by conventional medicine, that infection with a Flagelatenbakterium no longer exists. Customer feels much better. Has more physical strength, has again drawn courage and found new confidence.

Notes on parasites cure

By the death of the parasite may occur during the cure of itching, skin irritation, dizziness and nausea. Then break off the treatment under any circumstances, but you persevere, you will feel reborn after. If the reactions to be violent, then you simply reduce the dosage.

You can clean the digestive tract as follows:

During the first 4 days: Cook oats or the oat flour with 1/4 l of copper water and 3/4 liter of water. Take during this first 4 days, no further copper, silver or zinc to be.

After 4 days:

Stop the oat meal and eat as you normally would. Too much sugar, white flour, fermented, salted, you should absolutely avoid to Preserved during the treatment. Eat what you like everything else, but you give up raw vegetables and fresh salads. Fresh fruits should already be at 12 noon clock is not consumed. Later they try to eat only one type of fruit (raw). Raw fruit is not always in the afternoon or evening is recommended.

After the 4-day course you start with 1 teaspoon of copper, silver and zinc and increase the amount gradually to 3 tablespoons daily. Keep the spa at least 10 days by and check whether there are any symptoms after the treatment still. If so, we recommend the entire procedure repeated 3 times to increase the dosage od.

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