Faucet for cleaning and activation of the drinking water

Faucet for cleaning and activation of the drinking water
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Faucet for cleaning and activation of the drinking water
Wasserhahn zur Reinigung und Aktivieriung des Trinkwassers
Water filters and water activator for every faucet


· Step 1: ceramic filter with a cleaning power of 99.99%

· Level 2: Nano-KDF, removes chlorineheavy metals, etc.

· Stage 3: Activated Carbon Filter

· Level 4: Nano Tourmaline to activate the water

· Stage 5: 10000 Gauss permanent magnets which for structured

Provide water and also changed the limestone structure.


Easily to a water faucet.


The water gives a very high energy level

And is absorbed by the body better.

Improves blood circulation, digestion, the immune system

Proposes that, during the metabolism and blood circulation and contributes to the overall improvement of well-being.


In normal water, the filter cartridge can not be changedWhen impure water, the filter should be changed approximately every 2 yearsThe filter can be washed occasionally.

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