Health Through Knowledge 1 (Digital PDF)

Health Through Knowledge 1 (Digital PDF)
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Health through knowledge offers many practical suggestions and give you insights into relationships where you have maybe not thought of yet today. The clarity of the diagnosis and the simplicity of the means is often the "miracles" of healing hidden.


Why this book?
Healthy Diet
Acidification an endemic disease?
Diet: small and large failures
Minerals are essential
The body regulates itself in the rule itself
Not only the body needs food
The elements: water, air, earth
Siei drink water?
Water can also make you sick
the scriptures and the water
Water of Life
Air element:
"Vitamins of the air" negative ions
Negative ions and their effects on health
Infrared waves
Excerpts from clinical studies of infrared waves
The soy ceiling - almost like a second skin
Earth element
Geopathy (earth and fault zones)
Of magnetism and its effects on health
Can you protect yourself from electromagnetic fields?
The body and its suffering, disease (Examples from A to Z) recommendations
ADD and ADHD - Diagnosis in children - Etherium Gold
Allergies pollutants in indoor air can be neutralized
Arthritis - Arthritis - joint pain - arthritis, psychological causes
Herniated disc - back problems
High blood pressure and salt
Blood sugar and cinnamon, vanadium, chromium and zinc in sugar
Calcium deposits on the inner vessel walls
UDN eczema other skin diseases
Fungal invasion (mycoses) in the human organism
Candidate is a frequently encountered type of fungus
medical Silver
Parasite treatment with copper, silver and zinc or Aulterra
Fungi, bacteria, viruses UDN indoors
Restless Legs Syndrome
Sulfur - the forgotten mineral
Vitality and lack of energy waste
Coenzyme Q10
The purpose of suffering
Addiction is blocking our spiritual and mental development and harm the general health
The life of school spirit
The Soul-Suffering
Existence of the soul
Mental hygiene
Could it be that man, as the crown of creation, by his misconduct or his lack of mental hygiene influence the nature and the elements have?
Music and demons - occult background of vpm diseases by curses, curses, demons
The influence of music on our mental and physical health.

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