Mineral Powders

Mineral Powders
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Aulterra Powder - 50 g
This naturally occurring substance has a totally different mechanism of action, but is also proven t..
Ex Tax: 46.00CHF
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Etherium Black - 28.3 g
Etherium Black will be one of the most amazing dietary supplements you have ever experienced. Its ef..
Ex Tax: 58.00CHF
Etherium Gold - 1 Piece
Etherium Gold is a naturally occurring mineral mixture, which is derived from an ancient ocean basin..
Ex Tax: 58.00CHF
Based on 2 reviews.
Etherium Pink - 50 g
When you think about it, how you feel in your heart affects how you think. If we are feeling negativ..
Ex Tax: 58.00CHF
Etherium Red - 50 g
The best way to explain Etherium Red is referencing the chakra system that is a foundation in Ayurve..
Ex Tax: 58.00CHF
Far infrared ceramic powder.
Far infrared ceramic powder. EUR - 21.00 ..
Ex Tax: 48.00CHF
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Klinopitolith - zeolite powder
Klinopitolith - Zeolith powder EUR 18.00 50 g Klicken Sie hier, um Informationen zu PDF her..
Ex Tax: 25.00CHF
Shungit Powder
Available in April. With shungita for medical purposes the list of diseases for the prevention an..
Ex Tax: 32.00CHF
Tourmaline Powder
Tourmaline Powder 250 g Tourmaline is typically used for bathing or for bedding and other textile..
Ex Tax: 34.50CHF